For the Love of Men: I have written this Article because I believe that Men are Hurting:

Both Men and Women need Warm, Loving Friends or Companions for Healthy Life

Sharing Your Life with People Gives You a sense of Your Identity adding dimension to your Life and Life’s purpose

If this is Lost or Depleted from Your Life it may have Detrimental and Disastrous effects on Your Health. 

It has been on My Mind for a quite sometime now to begin incorporating Support and Help for You .

I have been married for 43 years, have three Adult Male sons and a Support to my Father.

Not to mention in my Professional Life half of my Clientele are Men whom I counsel and support through many Aspects of their Life.

So you could say that I have a fairly comprehensive understanding in this area. I know that in General you as a Male reading this would really like for me to get to some sort of point.

OK, Let’s Get Started>>>

Modern medicine tends to turn your health into a numbers game—weight, BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate.

This just seems to have the ability to turn you away from wanting to implement any type of health strategy because it just seems to hard.

The major problem for men isn’t so much that they don’t want to be healthy, they are not expected to have any thoughts towards their health. Especially from a longevity perspective.

Over the centuries you have been programmed that you are the Protectors, Providers and Procreators. Now in modern times all of this has changed.

Centrelink has taken over your role as a provider: Generally Speaking rather than bringing new life into the world within a loving a committed relationship to be a family. For many not meaning to be crude but it is only your sperm that has been required, then once the impregnation has taken place. Your role has become what is only assumed as being insignificant. However, it most definitely is NOT.

I know when looking into past times there has been a lot of injustice, inequality both for men and women. However you don’t bring about equality by becoming an island to yourself without working out how to live with one another. Complimentary each others differences, bringing you into some form of balance, significance and importance.

Difficulty Talking About Your Feelings

Generally speaking men know that they have difficulty talking about their feelings, fears, anxieties to people even their closet friends. They tend to thin -“If I put on a brave face and just get on with it, everything will be alright.

One of the Biggest Killers of men today under 45 is suicide. In 2014, 4623 people took their own life. 12 men everyday, 1 man every 2 hours: 41% of men who contemplated suicide felt they couldn’t talk about their feelings.

Then  you have the slow suicides, smoking, overconsumptions of alcohol and drugs in an attempt to push the feelings away. Then to top it all of it is all just too much to think about the food being eaten, just whatever. It’s all too hard!!!!

It’s OK to talkTalking to someone whom you can trust, whom you know isn’t going to judge you but be supportive of you in a positive and constructive way.

7 Steps to Take Control of Your Life for Optimal Health and Happiness:

  1. They say this with us Woman all of the time, but it important for you as a man also to realize that you are a Miracle – a True Gift from God.
  2. You do have a Vital Role when it comes to balance. Not unlike us woman you have to understand your Emotions and Feelings. Understand what makes you tick.
  3. What do you want for your Life. – Your Health, Your Relationships, Your Career – what do you Enjoy doing and what are you Good at.
  4. Mix with people who will support you in taking on Healthy Habits, Not encouraging you to go to the pub or sit at home getting drunk, stoned or smoking yourself to an early grave.
  5. Understand that as a man you do have feelings and deserve to be treated with kindness, empathy and warmth.
  6. Learn to listen, you will pick up more and understand more from listening to a conversation than you will from over talking.
  7. Ask Questions – Friendships are an important part of everyone’s life and part of developing positive friendships is in sharing one another’s lives. Being interested in the other person.

“I Love the Men in My Life with all of My Heart and because of them I have become the Woman I am Today”

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